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If you wish to contact us and enquire further about specific boxes this page should provide all the information you need to get started. To help you choose the perfect box for your needs take a look at the guide lines below. If you require a custom product then contact our sales team who will be happy to design a box for you.

The Enquiry Checklist below contains all the useful points that should be covered before you contact us. The more detail that is provided the faster we are able to deal with your request.

Enquiry Checklist

Here is a list of a number of factors we consider in the design and manufacture of your packaging.

  1. What product is the box intended for?
  2. What shape is the product?
  3. What are the dimensions?
  4. What weight is the product?
  5. What box style and design is required and are there any protective fittings?
  6. What are the internal dimensions?
  7. Glued or stitched?
  8. Will we print flexographic or offset.
  9. How many colours will there be?
  10. What quantity is required and what is your monthly or yearly offtake?
  11. Where will they be delivered to?


To help you decipher the different box styles and the benefits of each the FEFCO codes have been provided for our most popular box ranges. We are happy to extend beyond the selection provided should you require.

Please click on the above image to see the full size version of Page 1. Please click on the above image to see the full size version of Page 2.

Corrugated Board Grades - Fluting

Finally we have included the different Board Grades and Fluting available to choose from. The different materials available vary in strength and should be chosen to provide the necessary protection for the products housed inside the box.

  • E Flute - 1.5mm thick best used for presentation boxes and light weight products. Better quality print because the Flutes are closer together.
  • B Flute - 3mm thick most commonly used board grade for all general packaging.
  • C Flute - 4/5mm thick this grade works best for packages that may need the extra bit of protection, for drops etc.
  • BC Flute - 7mm thick again this is a combination grade of C Flute on the inner layer and B Flute externally, this grade is mostly used for Heavy duty packaging and products that need good protection.

All the above flutes are available in various grades ranging from 100GSM, 120GSM, 150GSM, 180GSM, 200GSM, 220GSM, 250GSM, 300GSM in Brown and White.

If you require more information, are unsure about which box would be best for you or are ready to make an order then please contact us for an immediate response or call us on +91-9850833316.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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